A unique place

Reconnect your senses with our iconic panoramic view of classic Mazatlan or travel through time in the picturesque magical town of Quelite Sinaloa where you can enjoy its exquisite cuisine and one of the most recognized nationally. Don't forget to enjoy its cobblestone streets with its tejabanes and its embedded cactus; something unique to see.

  • The Hotel

    Welcome to the charming boutique hotel with a unique style in the picturesque village of Quelite, Mexico. Immerse yourself in an unforgettable experience with our elegant master suite and two deluxe rooms. We also offer a cozy single room. Enjoy all the comforts and amenities in a magical setting, a unique experience awaits you in this special corner!
  • Cerro38 Condominium

    Discover the jewel of Mazatlan, in this spectacular apartment with breathtaking ocean views. Accommodating up to 6 people, it offers a perfect combination of comfort and luxury. Enjoy a fully equipped kitchen, a spacious living and dining area and all the necessary amenities for an unforgettable stay. Embark on an unparalleled experience in this oceanfront paradise!

Cerro38 Condominium

The environment

In El Quelite, with its view from the Mirador, the Condominium of Mazatlan called Cerro38 and its surroundings we have many places of interest. Discover the Angela Peralta Theater, the Plaza Mchado, a place where you can enjoy a variety of restaurants with their open air music - a unique atmosphere not to be missed! Discover the classic market of the area and the second highest natural bridge in the world. Don't miss the Observatorio, a classic boardwalk with high waves where you will find cafes, bars and much more.

Hotel Villas Quelite